Colorado Front Range Fly Fishing Reports

Colorado Front Range Fly Fishing Reports

Nov 29th 2018

Deckers -  06/03/2019

Current Flow:  277

Deckers flow has been pumped up considerably from a week ago. This is great giving the fish some warmer water to sit in.  Keep running through the deep holes.  Hot flies: BH Zebra (18-22), White Flash Bang (20-22), Black Flash Bang (20-22), Voodoo Midge (22), Flash Back PT (22-24) Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger (20-22), 

Spinney Mountain Ranch, - 06/03/2019

Current Flow: 89

Hot flies: flash back PT (20-22), BWO Barr emerger (20 - 22), cream or brown bling midge (22-24), BH Zebra (20-22), Mercury RS2 (18-22), Pink egg, Purple san juan worm  Dont hesitate to strip a natural slumbuster throught the deep holes.

11-Mile Canyon - 06/03/2019

Current Flow: 93

Great fishing going down right now! Really nice flow. Super small midge emergers are hot on the tail outs.  Hot flies: Cream or brown bling midge (24-26), cream or brown flash bang (22-24), Grey RSll (20-22), White scud (18-20), Olive streamers (6-10), Purple JuJu (22), 

Blue River - 06/03/2019

Current Flow: 407

Water starting to be realeased heavily out of Dillon, which is great! Typical Blue flies are hitting hard. Hot flies: Mysis shrimp( 18-20), Voodoo midge (20-24), Cream Bling midge (22-24), Purple Sniper baetis (18-22), Purple Juju Baetis (22)

Cheesman Canyon - 06/03/2019

Current Flow: 273

Hit it!  been some good dry fly action in the afternoon and streamer takes!  BWO's are coming off in the late afternoon.  Hot flies: Double digit (20-22), Zebra (20-24), Voodoo midge (22-24), Purpler Juans Sniper baetis (20-22), Mercury Midge (22-24), cream bling midge (22-24)