Echo Boost Fly rod


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Performance. Precision. Flat-out FAST. The deafening call for an ultra efficient rod capable of producing blistering line speed with minimal effort has been answered. Enter the ECHO BOOST. The culmination of Tim's relentless tweaking, the BOOST is built for anglers looking for that perfect balance of power, control, and sensitivity. Crafted from premium high modulus graphite using the latest advances in rod manufacturing technology. The result: a rod that's "scary light" in hand. With killer features like a sexy slim profile, stealthy matte finish, and all-metal reel seat, we can't decide which is faster... the cosmetics or the action.


ECHO BOOST 2 wt fly rod. Little fish in ponds, creeks and bogs are perfect game for this 7 foot fly rod.

ECHO BOOST 3 wt fly rod. How about spring creek and mountain brook trout for this 7 ft 6 inch fly rod?

ECHO BOOST 4 wt fly rod. We could start to talk about fishing many of the trout waters in the world with this 8 foot BOOST

ECHO BOOST 4 wt fly rod. Now let’s look at this 9 foot BOOST as a fast action wonder for trout anywhere the line class is appropriate.

ECHO BOOST 5 wt fly rod. At 9 feet, this BOOST could be considered the universal, go anywhere trout rod, but you could fish it in the salt too as long as you wash it after each day.

ECHO BOOST 6 wt fly rod. At 9 feet with a traditional butt, this is your BOOST when your trout are getting larger, when you want to double up on lignt bonefish, or chasing sea runs and smallies with clousers or poppers.

ECHO BOOST 6 wt fly rod. At 9 feet with a cool fighting butt, this BOOST will gve you an advantage hanging on when some fish takes a wild run in river or estuary. This rod should make a great Sea BASS rod too, and we will be sure to clean it at the end of the day to get the salty crust off and keep it safe and sound.