Guided Trips

Our Trips Are Different

We are here as a resource to help you become a better fly fisher. Too many guide trips consist of "Here, throw this there and see how you do". You catch some fish and at the end of the day you could very well leave with less confidence than you show up with. Our trips focus on explaining how we are setting you up and what we are trying to accomplish with it so that you can come back to the same place and catch fish on your own or take your skills abroad and start exploring some new destinations with your new-found confidence or go back and be more effective at your old haunts.

Don't get us wrong, if you want to show up and have a great time with friends or co-workers and relax while we take care of all the details and catch some fish while we are there to help in any fashion that is great too. Our main question we ask when you call to book a trip is what type of trip are you looking for and we are just as happy to do a fully instructional first time fly fishing trip as we are escorting seasoned anglers to show them a fine piece of private water.

Half Day Trips

1 Person - $225

2 People - $275

3 People - $325

Full Day Trips

1 Person - $325

2 People - $375

3 People - $425

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