On the Water River Tactics *2019 Season starts 3/31/19


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On the Water River Tactics   *2019 Season starts 3/31/19

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As the third and final class in the Learn to Fly Fish package, we will move your skills gained thus far on to the water. During this 2.5 hour class, we will aid you in setting up, rigging up, casting, reading water, streamside entomology and applying nymphing and dry flying techniques. The main focus throughout is to combine and enact the techniques learned in our other classes. By the end of this class you will leave with the confidence to head on your own or with friends. We are often helping students to net fish during this course. The Fly Fishing 101 is a prerequisite to this class.

Prior to this class, you will need to visit the shop to pick up a license, appropriate terminal tackle and the hot flies.


Classes held in early and late season are subject to cancellation due to weather.